The Argo Revolution

What can hold its breath for 10 days and swim to depths of 6560 feet? Not the Loch Ness Monster (good guess, though). That would be an Argo float, a fleet of which are scouring our oceans and collecting crucial information on salinity, temperature and currents.

(Source: fruchtzwerg's world/Flickr)

(Source: fruchtzwerg’s world/Flickr)

Dale Destin (C+S ’14) explored the history of these intrepid ocean explorers in an article for The article was part of a term project for Applications in Climate and Society, one of the seven core C+S classes. The class helps to prepare students for work in the climate field, including collaborating with external organizations on a climate-related project. At the end of the semester students present their research to their partner organizations in the form of either a policy brief, white paper or news article. 
You can read all of Dale’s Argo article over on



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