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So Sue Me (with data)

by |September 11th, 2018

The law is generally thought of as unwavering, qualified truths. We often view data the same way. Data is supposed to show us what is really happening when analyzing something we don’t fully understand. I have spent the past summer at the New York State Office of the Attorney General’s Environmental Protection Bureau where they combine data and the law a lot.

Talking Trash (and How Data Fits In)

by |September 11th, 2018

Data can help cities tailor litter reduction strategies by digging deeper to understand its root causes. By conducting research that is specific to an area, data-driven programs or policy recommendations—and lasting results—can become more feasible.

How My Internship Helped Me Collect Material for Tales I Can Tell as a Grandma

by |September 11th, 2018

India has had a rich history of storytelling, especially oral traditions. Stories intertwined with personal narratives have been a medium to pass down cultural values and traditions to future generations. The greatest epics of the land—the Ramayana and Mahabharata—have been passed down for centuries with these picking up historical (most often, inaccurate) anecdotes along the way as they steered through time.

What’s the Matter with Earth? The Climate Can Tell

by |September 11th, 2018

Just like people get fevers, global climate change is making the Earth unhealthy. Doctors can diagnose diseases using modern medical technology. Fortunately, climate scientists can do the same. By collecting climate data, analyzing them, and, scientists can get a sense of how sick the planet is and provide advice on actions we can take to protect it.

Revitalizing Cities Through Sustainability

by |September 10th, 2018

There are several local and nationwide programs attempting to revitalize these downtown areas. One of those programs is Greenworks Lending, a company that aims to rehabilitate businesses through clean energy solutions, where I’m working this summer.

One Year After Trump’s Paris Walk Back, States Continue to Move Forward on Climate

by |September 10th, 2018

When President Trump announced his intention to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, action on climate change in the U.S. didn’t just come to a standstill. States have stepped up their game to combat climate change. As a policy intern at the nonprofit Center for Climate and Energy Solutions this summer, I have been fortunate to conduct research on the wide array of actions they are taking.

Women in Science

by |September 10th, 2018

The United Nations emphasizes how fundamental gender equality and the role of women are for delivering on the promises of sustainability, peace and human progress.

Pixabay by Hans licenses under CC0 Public Domain

Dear Environmentalists, We Must Talk About Business

by |September 10th, 2018

The history of environmentalism tells us naming and shaming alone is not the pathway toward constructive debates, let along meaningful outcomes. The pressure is on us to make a change, and we can’t afford to leave anyone behind.

Taking a Leap of Faith

by |September 10th, 2018

I had no idea of how to build a website from scratch. Given my background in software engineering, my mentor at CCSR trusted that I would be up for the challenge. Still, I was intimidated and worried that it would not work out well, but I accepted the challenge.

How a Video Game Prepared Me to Fight Heat Waves

by |September 9th, 2018

I’ve loved video games my entire life. Role-playing, survival, platform, strategy, sports—if it’s playable, I’m (virtually) there. Video games are often considered a distraction from the real world, but they may have more in common with life on this side of the screen than you think.