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Climate Change and the Syrian Conflict

by | March 3, 2015
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The growing body of climate and conflict literature just got a major new study courtesy of C+S alum Colin Kelley (C+S ’08). The research, published on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, looks how climate change influenced the ongoing Syrian conflict that’s given rise to the Islamic State.

The Argo Revolution

by | February 26, 2015
Category: News
(Source: fruchtzwerg's world/Flickr)

What can hold its breath for 10 days and swim to depths of 6560 feet? Not the Loch Ness Monster (good guess, though). That would be an Argo float, a fleet of which are scouring our oceans and collecting crucial information on salinity, temperature and currents.

Climate and Society at AGU

by | January 20, 2015
Category: News

In December, C+S Assistant Director Cynthia Thomson gave a presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Thomson’s talk focused on how to educate students about the nexus of climate and society, drawing lessons learned during the 10 years of C+S’ existence. It’s only fitting that C+S alum and current communications coordinator at the […]

Featured C+Ser: Josh Gellers

by | December 12, 2014
Category: Featured C+Ser
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Josh Gellers (C+S ’07) recently completed his PhD in Political Science and is now an Assistant Professor at the University of North Florida. See how C+S helped guide his research interests.

C+S Online Information Sessions

by | December 9, 2014
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The M.A. Program in Climate and Society is a twelve-month interdisciplinary Master of Arts program that trains professionals and academics to understand and cope with the impacts of climate variability and climate change on society and the environment. Learn more about the M.A. in Climate and Society at one of our upcoming online information sessions. Online Information […]

Dispatches from Bhutan

by | November 20, 2014
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Source: Ben Orlove

C+S Co-Director Ben Orlove recently traveled to Bhutan for a month where he talked to local farmers to learn about their livelihoods and their views on environmental change. While in Bhutan, he took time to document his trip in a series of blog posts for GalcierHub, a website that seeks to expand and deepen the understanding of glacier.

Fire Fire Everywhere and Lots of Data to Save

by | September 29, 2014
Category: Student Voices
Effects of the current drought in Jamaica (Source: Ipsita Kaur).

Imagine your computer crashing and losing all your data. Sounds painful, right? Now imagine that happening to weather data for an entire country. That’s what happened in Jamaica more than 20 years ago when a fire sent decades of data up in smoke, a loss that researchers are still trying to deal with.

Featured Faculty: Brian Kahn

by | September 24, 2014

We caught up with Brian Kahn, Wed Editor at Climate Central (and C+S alum!), who co-teaches Applications in Climate and Society to talk about Climate and Society, his work at Climate Central and much more.

Greek Vineyards and Climate Change

by | September 24, 2014
Category: Student Voices
Grapes on vine from a vineyard located at Agios Dimitrios, Boeotia, Greece (Source: George Krikos, 2014)

If one takes a journey into the Greek history, it is evident that wine has been integrated into Greek tradition and daily diet for thousands of years. References from the ancient Greek texts such as Plato‘s Symposium, to Byzantine times and up to modern times, making it an important part of Greek culture and the source of viticulture’s art for the rest of Europe.

C+S Information Sessions on Columbia’s Campus

by | September 22, 2014
Category: News
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Learn more about the M.A. in Climate and Society at our Information Sessions on October 23, 2014 and November 20, 2014.