Climate and Society Class of 2014

Armstrong Kelli Armstrong
Born and raised in The Bahamas. Likes to swim and stare at trees. Acadia University alumna (BSc Environmental Science). Passionate about sustainable development.
Calderon Andrea Calderon Irazoque
Mexican physicist and Fulbright scholar. Interested in renewable energy sources. Determined to work towards a more sustainable future.
Coustsoucos Mina Coutsoucos 
Dreams and melody are running through my veins, are filling my heart both with hope and energy, and are helping my mind to make my goals attainable.
Destin Dale Destin
Meteorologist with a hunger for climate knowledge. I’m from Antigua in the Caribbean – the only island with 365 white sandy beaches. Visit!
anonymous Chetan Deva
Raw ingredients: Games, playing piano, tennis, climbing mountains, exploring, reading sci-fi and economics. Stir for 3 years in the humanitarian sector.
Dye Kaipo Dye
Science and culture are one in the same. In concert, the perception is 3-d; it can be seen from a bottom-up or top-down perspective.  Keep it fun!
Gannon Colin Gannon
An outdoor enthusiast with passions for running and biking, eager to get out and explore. Aspiring climate change adaptation specialist.
Grieser Justin Grieser
Polyglot, linguist & weather enthusiast. Austrian-American raised. Love travel, mountains, and photographing the sky. Interested in cross-cultural climate communication.
Gupta Shifali Gupta
A software engineer, dancer and puzzle solver amongst other things. Aiming to make a difference by working towards affecting climate change.
Hu Yuanhui Hu
From China, BS in Environmental Science. Interested in policy level of climate change. Super soccer fan. expect to make our environment better..
Islam Shammunul Islam
I am a development researcher, statistician, columnist and overall, a dreamer listening to calls from my inner soul only, seeing dreams and chasing those all the time
Kandy Daniel Kandy
An Australian-American with a background in anthropology and GIS who has worked in climate finance and policy. Cook, make, explore.
Kaur Harneet Kaur
Hails from India. Inclined towards Economics of Climate Change Adaptation. Loves to read, write & listen Sufi music. Is in love with nature!
Kumar Ipsita Kumar
Born and brought up in New Delhi, I am an environment and resource economist working on a wide range of issues. I love travelling and very passionate about sports.
Kung Kit Kung
24, a typical Capricorn from Hong Kong, seeking contributions to environmental protection in his home country. Soccer fanatic. Loves travel. Enjoys drinking in the mood.
Lu Yun Lu
Born China. Meteorology BS. Interested in extreme weather & climate change. Love doodles, indie rock and minty tastes.
McGill Shirley McGill
New Zealand born, in NYC after working on the NZ Government’s international development program. Interested in climate change and safeguarding social protections.
MoralesCampos Monica Morales Campos
Economist and financial analyst. I’m interested in the economical and social impact of climate change and the development of effective policies to address it.
Peters Danielle Peters
Nature enthusiast with a desire to travel everywhere. Fascinated by almost anything. Pretty obsessed with Muse and Annie’s Mac & Cheese.
Rack Catherine (Kate) Rack
Hailing from Swarthmore, PA. Hamilton grad. Studied geothermal energy in Iceland. Lover of Food Network and Jersey beaches.
Shimkus Cari Shimkus
I am a Long Islander and a Hoya. I love Washington, DC, Italy and action movies. Come every June 1st, I will likely be tracking hurricanes.
Soni Soni Arpit
Environmental enthusiast. 2 years of experience in international climate policy & carbon markets. Ambitions to be a guitarist, entrepreneur and world’s problem-solver.
Stege Mark Stege
As an atoll dweller, land use planning at both the policy level and the grassroots level focuses my interests in the sea level.
StrovolSoto Gina Strovall
Engaged Climate Scientist. Novice Rock Climber. Chronic Nail Biter. Avid Reader. Aspiring World Traveler. Unrelenting Optimist. Bodhisattva of the Earth.
Turner Joshua Turner
Small town roots, urban adulthood. Passionate about climate, food, and bad puns. Identical twin, always seeking to be unique.
Zhong Yang Zhong
Chinese girl, music and food lover, travelist, TV series fan, enjoys making friends.
Witt Tom Witt
Born in Germany, studied Earth Sciences in Switzerland, traveled the world. Optimist. Now: crazy cyclist in NYC. Future: climate policy maker.