Students in the M.A. Program in Climate and Society come from around the globe- the class of 2018 comprises 35 students from 11 countries! The students came in with experience in a wide variety of backgrounds including: environmental science, atmospheric science, law, political science, psychology, engineering, business, architecture and many more.

Climate and Society Class of 2018 in 140 Characters

Anastasia Almerini 
Avid traveler, reader, coffee drinker and fitness enthusiast. Fascinated by the human relationships with and empathy for our shared world
Andrew Angle 
Texas native. Penn State Geography ’17. Avid reader and consumer of news. Interested in the intersection of climate mitigation and policy.
Ashley Bae
Fascinated by the link between climate change & food security, especially for fisheries. Prefer to be sea level. Appreciate any and all alliterations.
Natalie Belew
Just a small town Texas girl interested in China, conservation, & environmental history. Also a mediocre runner, violist, & handbell ringer.
Jake Casselman
Canadian with a B.Sc. in Earth Sciences from McGill U.  I hope to combine my entrepreneur aspirations with my love for the environment.
Sruti Devendran
Indian, B.Tech in Biotechnology. Passionate about climate change research and intrigued by the possibility of extraterrestrial life. I love to swim, travel and explore.
Dominick Dusseau
Born and raised in Miami, FL. BA in Physics and Math. I want to help cities adapt to sea level rise. Love the heat, hate the cold.
Amanda Evengaard
Stockholm native. Product design BFA, Parsons. Love to hike, travel and create. Interested in climate change and how to make decisions for a sustainable future.
Dina Farone
Passion for sustainable, net-zero architecture. Loves yoga, art, and all things 90s. Hoping to harmonize the built and natural environment.
Moyang Feng
Geology and Engineering dual degree from CHN and the US, passionate about earth environmental science, global climate change & its impacts on people & society.
  Ximena Fonseca-Morales
Passionate about climate change mitigation/communication. Travel, photography & outdoor enthusiast. Native Peruvian. Barnard College grad.
Tae Hamm
Born in South Korea. BA in Geology from Lawrence University. Interested in green marketing, particularly sustainable packaging. Love Chinese and Mexican food.
Rebekah Heath
RI Native, BA from Boston University in Environmental Analysis and Policy. Lived with Sea Turtles in Greece. Focus on conservation & energy.
An-Chi Ho
Taiwanese. BS & MS in Atmospheric Sciences. Interested in global food security and environmental justice. Food lover. Can bake but not cook.
Sabrina Ho
Singaporean; BSc Geography @ University College London; Constantly seeking new travel adventures; Loves music, books and meeting new people
Avalon Hoek Spaans
Florida Gator. B.S. in Env Science. Interested in the intersection of climate, food security, and urban development. Amateur photographer. Lover of all dogs.
Laura Hoffman-Hernandez
Born in El Salvador, so naturally a lover of warm weather and tropical fruits. Interested in natural carbon capture and sustainable development in a socially just way.
Eunbi Jeong
BA in Int’l Studies with minors in Global Sustainability and Art History. Interested in promoting climate action and sustainability through media and art.
Shreeya Joshi
Nepali. BA in Environmental Studies from Mount Holyoke College. Interested in creating a sustainable future. Foodie. Bookworm. Wanderer.
Carrie Lang
BA from SUNY Geneseo. Loves skiing, animals, and traveling. Interested in climate change mitigation and renewable energy.
Ruijun Liu
Chinese, moved to LA in 2011. B.S. in Chemical Engineering from UCSB. I have a 2-year old poodle who shares same birthday with me. Love dogs.
Brian Poe Llamanzares
Filipino entrepreneur, athlete, sea lover, traveler, & youth leader. Interested in development and saving people from natural disasters.
David Ng
Hello, I’m David. I grew up in Chinatown, Queens, and maybe a little bit while at Columbia. I left for a while, but I decided to come back!
Miriam Nielsen
Interested in environmental policy and decarbonization efforts. I make videos about climate change, play frisbee, ride bikes and pet dogs.
Ian Nomura
Native Angelino with a background in biology, psychology and law. Avid hiker, wilderness explorer, doge owner, enjoys photography and music.
Lavanya Pawar 
Bachelor in Chemistry. Have a penchant for interdisciplinary studies in environmental science and policy. Art lover and theatre enthusiast.
Jade Payne
Florida native/Global citizen. UCF ’17. Sustained by hiking, music, and rainy days. Listens to too many political podcasts–not mad about it.
Madeline Ruid
WI native interested in remote sensing, climate change adaptation & policy. BS in Geography, GIS & Turkish @UW-Madison. Loves yoga and baking.
Anna Schimel
Colorado native. Interested in climate change and political stability. Forever torn between the mountains and the oceans. 
Saroja Schwager 
Philadelphia-born. B.A. from New York University. Interested in disaster relief and urban development. Likes reading, yoga, eating copious amounts of ice cream.
Angela Soriano Quevedo
Global citizen. I plan to save nature for a living. Interested in illegal mining in the Amazon basin. 
Narissa Turner
Loves hot wings, lipstick, chocolate and wine. In that order. Interested in understanding the impact climate change has on poor communities.
Sabrina Xu
Born in China. Live in Canada. BS in Earth and Ocean Sciences. Interested in sustainability and interdisciplinary studies. Love good weathers and food.
Yang Zhang
A Chinese. Majored in International Law, worked at public sector for forestry diplomacy and regional organization for managing forestry projects/policy dialogues across the Asia Pacific Region. Huge fan of TDS and SNL.
Shanny Peer
Background in French studies. Increasingly focused on climate crisis and disastrous political climate, and wanting to learn more to do more. Personal interests include yoga, gardening, hiking, reading. 
Photos: Brian Kahn