Students in the M.A. Program in Climate and Society come from around the globe- the class of 2015 comprises 38 students from 10 countries! The students came in with experience in a wide variety of backgrounds including: environmental sciences, phycology, anthropology, engineering, marine biology, communications, meteorology and many more.

Climate and Society Class of 2015 in 140 Characters

Allouch Candice Allouch
Born in France, raised in Miami. Travel enthusiast. Nature fiend. Environmental advocate. Passionate about int’l conflicts exacerbated by climate change.
Bender Melissa Bender
From Buffalo, NY. BS Climatology/BME Music Education. Studied in Spain and Argentina. Bassist, travel enthusiast and environmental activist.
miscellaneous Luc Bonnafous
Worked on climate and water resources for IRI, environmental regulations for EY, shale gas for Total. Rugby player, rap and classical music listener.
miscellaneous Sebastian Bonelli
Climate and hydrology enthusiast. Interested in water resources, climate change impacts and adaptation. I love to travel, playing music and do outdoor activities
miscellaneous Manuel Brahm
Chakalian Paul Chakalian
A stimulus seeking academic with an interest in sociology, philosophy, urban planning and sustainability. Backpacker, writer, traveler.”
Chan Jane Chan
First generation American-Born Chinese. Environmental stewardess “Janey Appleseed.” Here taking “the road less taken” in hopes of making it the road that will always be taken. 
Crane Kelsey Crane
Proud life long Marylander who attended University of Delaware, Go Blue Hens! I love being outdoors, attending music festivals and searching for new adventures.
Famular Jenna Famular
Problem solver looking to preserve our natural environment. Would like to travel the world to see all the awe-inspiring global habitats.
field Shaun Field
Bilingual (English/Spanish) physicist/social activist. John Rawls’ and Aristotelian philosophy. Mussels & Frites, Loose-Leaf Tea & Chelsea F.C.
Gan Ben Gan
Singaporean Geographer who loves eating, traveling, and exploring new cultures! Particularly interested in youth education and public environmental awareness.
unnamed Neha Ganesh
Born in India; experienced 16 countries. Studied Environmental / Climate Science at Purdue. A learner, a critical thinker, adept analyzer, and a global citizen.
Hallmeyer Karoline Hallmeyer
Outdoorsy, passionate hiker, climber and runner. Enjoys playing the devil`s advocate in debates. Aspiring comedian and climate policy maker.
Hsu Ting-Hao Hsu
From Taiwan, love every kind of movie; enjoy different foods and basketball. Interested in the relationship between nature and human activities.
Noshad Noshad Irshad
Born in Germany. Bachelor’s degree in business. Worked in the field of renewables and e-mobility. Enjoy backpacking, playing badminton and eating Indian cuisine.
Kapur Ishita Kapur
Born and brought up in India, with background in corporate sustainability and climate change policy. Loves teaching and relaxing on the beaches.
Lambert Jonathan Lambert
Louisiana born and raised environmental scientist, weather nerd (especially hurricanes!), tennis player, and undying Seinfeld and Beatles fan.
Lang Yunziyi Lang
Born in China. BS in Aviation Meteorology. Enthusiastic about atmospheric dynamics, climatology, and mathematics. Love fashion and spicy food. “Reach for the stars, for if you fail, at least you will be in the atmosphere.”
Luberti Francesca Luberti
Born and raised in Italy, moved to LA to be an anthropology major at UCLA. I am a traveler and world explorer, hoping to work for a non-profit organization in the future.
Mathur Apoorva Mathur
Born and raised in Delhi, BA in Env Studies from PA. Loves adventures and food from all over the world. Determined to help achieve a more environmentally sustainable future.
McGinnis Mollie McGinnis
Penn State grad. Raised in the Mile High City. Passionate about wildlife & the environment. Loves elephants, watching football, & traveling.
Moneymaker Brigitte Moneymaker
22-year-old Virginia native, BS Environmental Science from SUNY ESF, trying to trick someone to take me back to South America.
Muhammad Aisha Muhammad 
Texas native. Ex-meteorologist turned Career Coach. Hopeful Ballerina. Murder mystery reader ONLY. Passions in climate change policy, shipping, & globalization
Peinhardt Katherine Peinhardt 
Multilingual international relations scholar, interested in climate adaptation’s effects upon developing nations and global politics.
Qiu Yue Qiu
Born and raised in Shanghai, Oberlin grad trained in geomorphology, plays taiko, throws pots, bakes bread, interested in the local impact of climate change
Raman Anita Raman
I sing opera while identifying flora and biking long distances. I like cupcake sandwiches, warm hugs, diplomacizing, science-ing, creating verbs, and wooing strangers.
Simmons John Simmons
Born in Jersey. Lover of rock music, dogs, and the occasional road trip. More likely than not fairly confused.
Singh Roop Singh
New Yorker. Meteorologist. Passionate about breakfast (hazelnut iced coffee and bagels), hiking, and social justice.
Spevok Katherine Spevok 
Adventure junkie with a passion for travelling and food. Play any and every sport possible; always willing to try something new. Striving to help others through local or regional adaptation to climate change.
Tshering Kinley Tshering From Bhutan. 18 years in Government. MS resource conservation. Interests in forest-climate interactions. Like outdoors, archery, spicy food.
Watts Brittany Watts
Vanderbilt University Graduate. Emerging climate science leader. Former teacher. Love my students, roasting veggies, and walks in the park.
White Caitlin White 
From Savannah, GA but a northerner at heart. Recent graduate of Skidmore College. Extremely interested in renewable energy and any and all things Danish.
Willie Shem Willie
A meteorology major from the Helen of the West Indies, St. Lucia. Love to dabble with climatic data with the hopes of unraveling the mysteries of the future.
Yan Bo Yan
A keen reader, passionate language learner, passionate psychology student, amateur nutritionist, committed vegan and a staunch green-lifestyle supporter.
Yu Kuntian Yu
From China. Interested in environmental policies and sustainable development. Art enthusiast. Created art in forms of seal cutting and painting.
Zhang Weiye Weiye Zhang
Chinese girl. Cat person. Keen on Jane Austen and her Pride and Prejudice. Big Harry Potter fan. Has endless love for sweets.
Zhou Yuanroung Zhou
Born and raised in China. Studied Environmental Biology in Canada. Love travelling and watching TV series. Interested in climate change and hope to protect the environment.
Zhu   Yixing Zhu
A GISer from China, interested in water and climate change; a classic violinist but obsessed with pop music; super Sherlock fan and world traveler