Students in the M.A. Program in Climate and Society come from around the globe- the class of 2017 comprises 27 students from 6 countries! The students came in with experience in a wide variety of backgrounds including: environmental sciences, communication, anthropology, engineering, biology, business, economics and many more.

Climate and Society Class of 2017 in 140 Characters

Balk Carolyn Carolyn Balk
New England native. Breadfruit, Mario Vargas Llosa, and kayaking enthusiast. Passionate about natural resource conservation and environmental economics.
Chatterjee Souvik Souvik Chatterjee
Binghamton University ’15. Interested in climate change’s impact particularly in India. I love newspapers, books, basketball, and television.
Chen Yiting Yiting Chen
Born and raised in China. BS in Environmental Sciences from Berkeley. Most interested in how human policies impact the environment. Basketball and badminton lover.
Chng Devern De Vern Chng
Born and raised in Malaysia, went to college in Australia. An art lover, a jazz aficionado, an aspiring polyglot, and a world traveler
Colbus David David Colbus
B.A. in Anthro. Admirer of human culture, literature, and food. I hope to secure a safer future for our cities in the face of climate change
Davison Holly Holly Davison
MA native. Studied Sociology, Earth Sciences + French at BU. Interested in how natural disasters affect water quality. Amateur glassblower.
Harden Alexandra Alexandra Harden
BA from Colgate University. Interested in climate variability and its social and political impacts. Likes the Arctic, skiing, riding and all things weather.
Hillburg Jonathan Jonathan Hilburg
Native New Yorker and a wonk when it comes to policy, design, or food. Good at photography and knitting, bad at Twitter.
Jung Eric Eric Jung
Bay Area native, Integrative Biology major from Berkeley. Interested in climate change, conservation, & social justice. Love to teach, eat, and travel.
Lim Carissa Carissa Lim
I’m from sunny Singapore, and did my BSc in Earth Sciences in London. In my spare time I hike, go to the theatre, and seek my next adventure!
Lin Jing-An Jing-An Lin
A Taiwanese. BS in Chemical Engineering. Interested in renewable energy and use of ocean resource. Like to play the violin and play table tennis.
Marconi Benjamin Benjamin Marconi
Skier and climber from northern Utah. Interested in climatology, geology and geobiology. Pizza and ice cream aficionado
Moland Brianna   Brianna Moland
California born and raised. Animal lover. Learning Brazilian Portuguese. Intrigued by international climate change adaption and disaster risk management.  
Norris Joanne Joanne Norris
New England native, likes to paint. Plays soccer. Curly hair sometimes obstructs face in photos. BS in Sustainability and BA in Economics.
Phillips Cory Cory Phillips
Singer\Musician\Poet\Scientist from TX\KS\CA\+.  UCLA grad, Geography\Environment & GIS.  Interests: sea level rise, geomorphology, & water.
Scherr Lydia Lydia Scherr 
Global citizen. Software developer, with passion for vertical farming. Loves art, language & travel.
AStevenson Alice Alice Stevenson
Canadian with a penchant for naps, sailing, and cheese. Also passionate about understanding the link between climate and development.
Toh Sarah Sarah Toh
Singaporean, BA in Geography from Oxford University. Likes playing badminton, having adventures, and would love to visit Antarctica someday.
Topik Kira Kira Topik
Former wildlife conservationist & sustainable farmer/advocate exploring climate impact on land management throughout the Americas. Go dubs!
Varamo John John Varamo
Native New Yorker with a BA in Environmental Science from SUNY Purchase. Passionate about environmental justice, GIS, sociology, and politics. Video game enthusiast and theater buff.
Villar Leeman Claudia Claudia Villar Leeman
Native of Wash Heights, NYC. Passionate about intersection of social & climate justice. Love to read, backpack, explore. Rock climbing enthusiast.
Villegas Roman Allison Allison Villegas Roman
Puerto Rican with a BA in Anthropology, Environmental Studies, and Human Rights. Interested in global conflict and sustainability.
Xu Jiayu Jiayu Xu
Chinese. BS in Meteorology. Nature lover. Keen on interdisciplinary studies. Interested in climate change, resource management and finance. Ailurophile.  Enjoy Mystery novels.
Yan Qifeng Qifeng Yan
Born & raised in China. Went to college in Germany. BSc in environmental studies & geosciences. Longing for a sustainable future.
Yu Yurong Yurong Yu
China-born girl, passionate about environmental policies in China. Having been to more than 20 countries before and love movies a lot!
Zhang Ye Ye Zhang
Born and raised in China. Interested in music and food. Undergrad studies in economics. Internships in banks.
Zhou Zhou Zhou Zhou
Born & raised in China, BS in Oberlin College. Passionate about climate change, environmental finance and energy. Love art & music.
Photos: Brian Kahn