Students in the M.A. Program in Climate and Society come from around the globe- the class of 2019 comprises 26 students from three countries! The students came in with experience in a wide variety of backgrounds including: environmental science, atmospheric science, engineering, international affairs, anthropology, english literature, art history, and many more.

Climate and Society Class of 2019 in 140 Characters

S. Elva Bennett
Southerner. Ardent about resilient, equitable, and sustainable food systems. Loves heavy books, shared meals, sunny parks, and strong opinions.
Jeffery Berardelli
TV meteorologist, climate change communicator, sustainability soldier, concerned earthling. Old dog hoping to learn new tricks.
Noel Coenraad
Dutch native, 21. Interested in sustainable eco-development initiatives. A big sports fan with a passion for politics and debate.
Peter Deneen
Queens local, Ojai grown. Coast Guard vet. Friends say I should run for office, but I think I’ll open that carbon neutral breadshop instead.
Laurel DiSera
Minnesotan who loves music and culture, especially those found in Latin America. Interested in ENSO and its impact on North/South America.
Maria Dombrov
New York native. B.S. in Biology w/ Focus on Envir. Science from Syracuse U. Passionate about inspiring others to live more sustainably.
Jasmine Gill
Name: Jazzy. Hometown: Santa Cruz. Passion: My pets.
A haiku for my climate comrades:
Brothers and sisters
Adjoin in common pursuit
Florence Guan
Background in environmental studies & data analysis. Passionate about climate and urban sustainability. Always love travel, art and matcha.
Philip Harrison
Yogyakarta born Michigander. Aspiring astrooceanographer. BS Oceanography, Hawaii Pacific U. Violinist and tenor. Pembicara b. Indonesia
Kristin Hogue
NorCal native. BA English UC Davis ‘18. Interested in climate migration, refugees & geographical erasure. Believes love can save the world.
  Christy Hsu
Born and raised in Taiwan. BS in Earth and Space Sciences from U of Washington. Interested in the link between air pollution, climate change, and food security in China.
Nabilah Islam
BA in Anthropology. Interested in climate change and sustainable development of food, water, and energy. Love friends, movies, and burgers.
Yue Kou
Beijing girl, BA in Economics from UC Berkely, worked as a business consultant. Curiosity and the desire for impact led me to here. Loves books, folk music , food and blue sky.
Runyu Liang
Adrenalin addicted. The poem, food, skiing, freediving lover. Cynical realist and optimist. Concerned about the sea ice in the polar area.
Yuchen Liu
Cat & dog lover, traveler, Buckeye, and Chinese traditional dancer. Passionate about helping us build a sustainable future.
Yi Lu
Born in eastern China. BA in Environmental Studies combined Economics from University of California, Santa Cruz. Interested in environmental policy-making. Love travelling and dogs.
Michael Owen
East Coast native studying the role of the environment in conflict spaces. Aspiring nomad—probably looking at a map. BA in IR @American.
Elizabeth Perry
Hamilton College ’18 Geosciences. Interested in studying the effects of climate change on water pollution in coastal cities. I spend my free time running and hiking.
Sarah Smith
Traveler. Hiker. Scuba diver. Explorer. Fan of tropical and polar ecosystems. Interested in the interplay of human and natural systems.
Stephanie Stettz
BA Earth & Planetary Sciences JHU. Interested in intersection of climate, agriculture and public health. Loves music and most green things.  
Arley Titzler
California native. UCSB ’18. Drawn to environmental justice and global climate change policies. Loves travel, adventures, music, and memes.
Qidan Wang
BS in Resources & Env Science. Interested in tradeoffs between economic development and ecological sustainability. Food aficionado. Love French. Keep fighting!
Yunhai Xiong
Chinese. Bachelor in geography. Focused on climate and its impacts. Prefer traveling and sports, especially volleyball and badminton.
Edward Zhang
New Yorker with a BS in Biology. Interested in the impacts of climate change on urban development. Lover of food, art, and travel.
Xixi Zhang
BS in Petroleum Engineering with a Minor Degree of Mathematics. Love to learn any Environmental, Energy-related topics.
Shanny Peer
Background in French studies.  Increasingly focused on climate crisis and disastrous political climate, and wanting to learn more to do more. Personal interests include yoga, gardening, hiking, reading.
Photos: Cynthia Thomson