Students in the M.A. Program in Climate and Society come from around the globe- the class of 2016 comprises 42 students from 10 countries! The students came in with experience in a wide variety of backgrounds including: environmental sciences, education, meteorology, engineering, biology, business, economics and many more.

Climate and Society Class of 2016 in 140 Characters

Garrett Adler Garrett Adler
Born & raised in Manhattan. Looking to explore links between env. change and human security. Taught science in the BX for the past 6 years.
Mohamed Amin Mohamed Amin
South Asian-American. Wolverine. Badger. Lion. Aspiring Meteorologist. And last but not least, New York City-American.
Tim Bushman Timothy Bushman
Wisconsin native. Health background. Citizens Climate Lobby volunteer. Interested in climate adaptation, poverty, human rights, and the SDGs. Green Bay Packers.
Fatima Cecunjanin Fatima Cecunjanin
Balkan American, CT native. BS in Geography. Likes to hike, draw, read, cook and travel. Interested in sustainable development and water security in a changing climate.
Luz Cervantes Luz Cervantes
Mexican-Ecuadorian; CONACYT scholar. Studied biology & environment in Belgium. ERASMUS in Berlin & Madrid. Interested in climate adaptation for developing countries.
Yung-Jen Chen Yung-Jen Chen
Born & raised in Taiwan, basketball enthusiasm. Ms in Urban planning, GISer and land use planner. Interested in disaster planning & climate change adaptation policy.
Cindy Chiang Cindy Chiang
Aspiring world explorer, raised on both coasts of the Pacific Ocean. By day, I strive to save our water resources. By night, I read, I bike, I run, and I watch Netflix.
Anna De Petrini Anna De Petrini
Born in France; raised in Asia. Passionate for all things climate related especially sustainable development and natural disasters. Love diving hours in the ocean.
Carlos Farah Carlos Farah
Hola! Mexican, graduate in economics. Passionate about social development, environment, music, drinking water, Disney and grilled cheese.
Francisna Fernando Francisna Fernando
Born in Seychelles. Art & music enthusiast. Passionate about impacts of climate change on small island developing states. Painter. Foodie. Enjoy traveling & long walks.
Fei Gao Fei Gao
From China. BS in Business. Love sci-fi, music and movie. Interested in the impacts of climate change on social and economical activities.
Tommy Greer_ Thomas Greer
Wind energy business development at EDP Renewables. Native Texan. Undergrad degree in journalism. Graduate studies in business and entertainment/media.
Megan Helseth   Megan Helseth
Originally from Colorado, Megan is interested in researching the link between climate and social justice, particularly those in the developing world.
unnamed (2) Noshad Irshad
Born in Germany. Bachelor’s degree in business. Worked in the field of renewables and e-mobility. Enjoy backpacking, playing badminton and eating Indian cuisine.
unnamed (1) Eddie Jjemba
Born and raised in Africa, loves outdoor, conservation and farming. I enjoy training, and have keen interest in building resilience for urban and rural poor.
Christina Langone Christine Langone
Interested in the science and politics of climate change and how it affects cities. Like to read satire and beer bottle labels. Sanders ‘16.
Wenjiahui Liu Wenjiahui Liu
From China, BS in Environmental Science and BA in Economics. Ambitions to be a problem solver, then entrepreneur and finally a chef.
Dantu Lu Dantu Lu
A UCLA Bruin from China, major in applied mathematics. Interested in renewable energy, climate science and finance. I love traveling and reading.
Sarah Lynagh Sarah Lynagh
Maryland-born severe weather enthusiast and Cornell grad. Passionate about international climate adaptation, running, and all things peanut butter.
Siyuan Ma C+S Siyuan Ma
From China. Typical Aquarius. Keen on energy and environmental research. Global volunteer. Backpacker and reader. Love spy movie
Yuxing Ma Yuxing Ma
Born in China.BS in Meteorology.Passionate about climate change,air pollution and problem solving.Fitness enthusiast, baking lover, world traveler and an ordinary global citizen.
Gabrielle Marangell Gabrielle Marangell
New England native. Economics major from Bryn Mawr College. Interested in the local impact of climate change. Love hiking, family time and eating New Haven pizza.
Andrea Martinez Andrea Martinez
New Mexican native. Peace Corp Mozambique. Love traveling and photography. Passionate about climate change impacts on developing countries.
Madeline McKenna Madeline McKenna
California native, South Pole meteorologist, and environmental scientist with a passion for climatology, oceanography, travel and brunch.
Brandon McNulty Brandon McNulty
Former community organizer and Yosemite park ranger. From FL and CA. Interested in resiliency planning, climate politics, and rock climbing.
Xuefei Miao Xuefei Miao
From China. With GIS as my major, I minored in International Trade and Economy during undergraduate study. Enjoy being outdoors and exploring cultures with friends. Happy foodie.
James Oliver James Oliver
From Staten Island, NY. U Miami grad with a degree in Atmospheric Science. Sports, movie and weather fanatic.
Valerie Pietsch Valerie Pietsch
From MA. BS in Environmental Engineering from Cornell University. Interested in travel, field studies, and sustainability. Love sailing, hiking, and dogs.
Kelsey Prieur Kelsey Prieur
Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. BSE from U of M. My true love is playing sports, food, adventure, and travel. Go Blue, Go Wings.
Greg Reppucci Gregory Reppucci
Enjoy any outdoor activity, preferably on the water. Interested in environment and quality of life relationship.
Syed Sayeed Syed Sayeed
I’m a native of Highbridge, in the Bronx. I enjoy photography, running, and exploring the great outdoors, and I wish I could play an instrument. I’m an alumnus of the Horace Mann School and Stanford University.
Emilen Sivagnanam Emilene Sivagnanam
Born and raised in Kansas. Travel enthusiast. 31 countries down, the rest of the world to go. Interested in human dimensions of climate change.
Deepa Sivarajan Deepa Sivarajan
Former organizer from Seattle. B.A. from Georgetown. Passionate about environmental justice, queer ecofeminism, water rights. Unironic ABBA fan.
BO Bo Yan
A keen reader, passionate language learner, passionate psychology student, amateur nutritionist, committed vegan and a staunch green-lifestyle supporter.
Jianzhi Tan Jianzhi Tan
Born and raised in China. Bachelor of geological engineering. Love reading, outdoors and playing badminton. Interested in climate variation and its impacts on society
unnamed (3) Geraldine Tham
Besides being a climate/geography nerd, I also love swimming, diving, dancing and people. Mention Michael Phelps or Tom Daley, and you’ll instantly become my friend!
Nellie Van Driksa Nellie Van Driska
From the Midwest with an undergraduate degree in Sociology. I enjoy knitting, reading, and pineapple. A goal of mine is to have a job I love.
Tiff van Huysen   Tiff van Huysen
Midwest & PNW. Ph.D. Enjoy climbing, biking, traveling, photography. Passionate about the climate change-child health-security (food/water/conflict) nexus.
 Jingchao Wang   Jingchao Wang
Chinese girl, interested in dynamics models and environment. Constant love for traveling & classical music & painting.
Zhan Yanni   Yanni Zhan
A fan of extreme sports; a world explorer; the normally insane.
Ci Zhang   Ci Zhang
From Shijiazhuang, China. B.S. in Earth Sciences. Interested in studies of El Niño Southern Oscillation. Enjoy reading and traveling. Basketball fanatic.
Rui Zhao   Rui Zhao
Born and raised in Beijing, BS in environmental science. Love adventures and always eager to try something new. Interested in climate change and determined to help preserve our environment.

Photos: Elisabeth Gawthrop